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Hi, I’m Shanna! I’m a certified GentleBirth Childbirth Educator, Certified Spinning Babies® Parent Educator, and Evidence Based Birth® Instructor Emeritus. I absolutely love to help expecting parents learn about their options to help their birth process go more smoothly and comfortably.  
I teach my personally designed childbirth courses, private birth prep sessions, GentleBirth One-Day and Weekend Workshops, and the Spinning Babies® Parent Education course.  
I like to joke that these are “not your mama’s birth classes!” We will not be gathering in a circle to practice breathing in a “hee-hee-hoo” pattern!  You won’t be embarrassed, and my goal is that you leave class with reduced anxiety, feeling excited and ready for an amazing, life-changing experience. 
What can you expect?  Dynamic, engaging workshops full of research-backed, evidence-based information to empower and equip you and your partner to have meaningful discussions with your care provider prenatally and the caregivers in your birth space, help with making the most informed choices for you and your baby, practical, hands-on help for comfort and progress during the labor process, and insightful tips for the transition to life with a newborn and the reality of postpartum recovery.  
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Client Feedback and Testimonials

“Class and instructor was amazing. Will most definitely recommend.” JJ, 2017

“It’s a great class, I highly recomend it.  I took a class elsewhere with my first, and this one was WAY more informative and interactive.  She gave so many different coping techniques, and had us try them all.” – KM, 2018

“Heard about Spinning Babies through two different friends. Loved the class and look forward to using the techniques starting now, untill birth and beyond!” -LP, 2018
“Shanna is a really great teacher and you can see and feel her passion through her teaching. These are tangible skills that we will use immediately.” KF, 2018

“The laboring mother is prone to hyper extension and dislocation so we did not practice the side release with her because we wanted to make sure she doesn’t get hurt. The instructor showed alternative ways to loosten her pelvis without compromising her joints. The instructor was really knowledgeable, did a wonderful job answering questions kindly and effectively, and I really REALLY enjoyed the class. I learned so many things I never knew about anatomy, and the process of birth.” -JC, 2018

“Shanna is awesome! She is a great instructor and does a great job explaining things so that everyone can understand.” PM, 2018
“I attended with my wife who was happy with the daily exercises and felt confident enough to complete them at home. I also feel well-trained enough to remember the workouts, how I support my wife while performing them and understanding the goal of each movement.” CD, 2019
“Shanna was great and I really appreciate the practical information I learned.” SM, 2019

“I absolutely loved attending the class.  Shanna was absolutely amazing and I believe her class helped me through my labor!” -AD, 2019