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Anchorage Birth Doula Services

Labor and Birth support Services include:

Informational Support

During our prenatal visits we will discuss your birth options and evidence-based practices. You will be provided with resources to help you make informed decisions about your birth. We will work together to formulate a birth preference list that highlights the things that are most important to you.

We can discuss prenatal nutrition, the process of labor, comfort measures for labor and birth including positions, massage, and verbal cues you might expect to hear during labor, your postpartum plans, and much more.  These visits are intended to help you feel relaxed, prepared, and confident as you look forward to meeting your baby.

Physical Support

During your birth, physical support may include massage, acupressure, applying hot or cold compresses, recommendation and assistance with different labor positions, ensuring that you are nourished and hydrated, assistance getting into and out of the shower or tub, visualization, meditation, breathing, and medical hypnosis techniques,  and anything else you might need.

I have training and experience in using a Rebozo, birth and peanut balls, and Spinning Babies body balancing techniques.  A constant and reassuring presence, I will be by your side from the moment you feel you need me when active labor begins. through your labor and birth, and until you, your baby, and your partner are comfortable and settled after your baby is born.

Emotional Support

A steadfast positive presence, you will hear words of encouragement, reassurance, and affirmation to help you persevere through your labor.  Medical providers and nurses may change shifts or come and go, you can count on your doula to stay for the duration of your labor and for at least an hour after your baby is born. 

Labor and birth are intense and intimate experiences, as a doula I work to support your emotional experience and the physical work you need to do during your labor.

Anchorage Birth Doula Services
Pregnancy, Labor and Birth Support

  • Free Consultation Let’s visit and get to know one another! Complementary Consults are offered twice per month, please contact me to reserve a spot!
  • Prenatal visit(s) During these visits, we will get to know each other, discuss the childbirth process,  develop your birth and pain management preferences, discuss and practice positions and comfort measures for labor, and talk about a postpartum support plan. 
  • Unlimited availability throughout your pregnancy. Reach out 24/7.  Always available for questions, as a venting place or sounding board, or when you might not want to “bother” your care provider.  
  • Assistance in clarifying medical information and procedures
  • Access to resources and lending library
  • Evidence Based Informational counseling
  • On Call Availability 24/7 During the weeks leading up to your due date and after delivery. Available from the time you think you need your doula when labor begins, through birth, and for on call postpartum support after your baby is born.
  • Back-up Doula Support Trained and experienced partner doulas  
  • Birth and Bonding Photos
  • Flat Rate


Anchorage Birth Services Doula Classes Placenta

Anchorage Birth Services Doula Classes Placenta

Anchorage Birth Services Doula Classes Placenta

Anchorage Birth Services Doula Classes Placenta

  • Constant Support throughout the entire laboring process and for 1-2 hours after your baby’s birth.  My primary focus is meeting your needs during labor. Assisting your partner with relaxation and pain coping techniques, running interference with visitors, filling everyone’s basic needs (food, drinks, bathroom breaks, etc), helping you acquire additional information about interventions if they become necessary, and generally just making sure your labor and birth go as smoothly as possible.
  • If you don’t have a partner or your partner is not going to be involved with the birth, you can expect that your doula will give you all the one-on-one support you need.  Support is continuous and limitless, you will never be charged more based on the length of your labor.
  • Feeding Support Lactation, latching, pumping, and bottle feeding support for the feeding method you choose for your baby.
  • Postpartum visit(s) After the birth of your baby, we will schedule another visit in the first few days or weeks. This provides an opportunity for us to discuss your birth, troubleshoot feeding or baby care issues, visit and cuddle your precious new little one(s).  
  • Postpartum Phone and Email Support 
  • Fee:  $1500

Alaska Birth Services Doula Shanna Switzer


Alaska Birth Services Doula Shanna Switzer


Alaska Birth Services Doula Shanna Switzer


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