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Anchorage Postpartum Doula Services

Peace of Mind for your transition to life with a new baby

As a certified postpartum doula, I come alongside your family in the early days with your new baby to support you in whatever ways you might find most helpful. 

The transition to life with a new baby can be challenging, exhausting, and full of questions.  I have extensive training and experience working with postpartum parents and newborns, and serve to ease worries and anxieties, answer questions, refer new parents to resources they might need, and provide support for your family as a whole.  I have training in breastfeeding and am certified as an infant sleep specialist, and much experience with baby wearing and baby care.

Postpartum doula support can be scheduled in advance, or on an on-call basis, please contact me any time to check on my current availability.  I serve Anchorage to Mat-Su.

Anchorage Postpartum Doula Services Include:

Information, emotional support and help for your physical needs
Coming alongside you, your baby and your family to allow you to take care of yourself, adjust to life with a newborn and enjoy the precious early weeks of your baby’s life. Postpartum doula services help to ease your transition to life with a new baby.

Free Consultation

We will discuss your individual needs and desires and plan several support visits on a schedule that works for you. Postpartum Doulas assist families in their transition to life with a new baby. Various shifts; daytime, evening, or overnight available. Antepartum doulas assist families experiencing a challenging or high-risk pregnancy, including bedrest and/or limited activities.

Services for postpartum support may include:
Newborn care, sleep help, breastfeeding assistance or troubleshooting, specialty shopping (nursing bra fitting, belly binding, etc.), baby wearing help, meal preparation, light housekeeping, running errands. Postpartum and antepartum support services are unique to each family, we’ll work together to determine how I can best support you and your new baby.

Postpartum doulas provide:
Knowledge of newborns. Supporting your confidence in caring for your baby and understanding their development in the early months of life.  
Help with practical care; bathing, nail clipping, baby wearing, swaddling, etc.

Infant Feeding Knowledge and Support
Help troubleshooting any breastfeeding issues including latch, positioning, and supply; support with locating helpful resources and referrals to area professionals, as needed.

Care for your newborn while you take care of yourself
Shower, nap or do anything else that will rejuvenate you while knowing your baby is safe.

Light housekeeping: laundry, dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, pet care, putting clean sheets on your bed, etc. Running errands: grocery shopping, dog walking, taking older children to school, etc

Meal Preparation: Advanced preparation of meals, baked goods, or freezer meals.

Fee: For hourly postpartum or antepartum services outlined above, fees begin at $40+/hr 

Anchorage Birth Services Doula Classes Placenta

Anchorage Birth Services Doula Classes Placenta